Conference registration

To attend or present your work at CILCADIZ participants are required to pay the appropriate registration fee and submit the registration form.


Bank transfer or deposit in bank account: Please fill in the registration form and send it by attached mail together with a copy of payment receipt to the Organizing Committee ( and “Conference registration” in the subject line.

Bank details:

  • IBAN: ES48 0049 4870 8529 1609 2739 (SWIFT: BSCHESMM).
  • Account holder: Universidad de Cádiz.
  • Transfer concept: Please write LINGÜÍSTICA CLÍNICA and your FULL NAME (e.g. “LINGÜÍSTICA CLÍNICA: John Jones“).

Important note

Registration will not be considered valid until the registration form is duly filled in and the Organizing Committee has received a copy of the payment receipt attached to an email to (writing “Conference registration” in the subject line). Receipt of payment will be acknowledged to all participants upon reception and acceptance of form and receipt.

Dates and prices for registration

Reduced registration: 1/9/2018-30/9/2018

Participants fare:

  • Students : 75 euros
  • Professionals: 125 euros

Attendees fare:

  • Students: 50 euros
  •  Professionals: 75 euros

Regular fare: 1/10/2018-15/10/2018

Participants fare:

  • Students : 125 euros
  • Professionals: 175 euros

Attendees fare:

  • Students: 100 euros
  • Professionals: 125 euros